Medium Size Property Management Company

Medium Size Property Management Company

Managing director in Property Management Company for 300,000 m2 of managed area

Customer Info

We are growing, but the accounting, management and communications tools we are using haven’t changed in the past 10 years ago. Clients are increasingly complaining about errors in accounting for payments, a long response to complaints and the inconvenience of our management company service.

In order to keep properties and be attractive to new opportunities – we need to automate all routine and management processes – this will allow us to optimize costs and increase the satisfaction of residents.

Ideally, we need it to be cheap, to have the integrations we need erp, without losing manual data and with a simple integration of the service to all properties at once


  • Competing services promise an amazing bright solution, but users of the existing property management platforms complain about one or the other – they say either everything is buggy, or the services are simply not thought out and much cannot be done.
  • There is no one in the organization to delegate such a task to building something internally, and there is no time to delve into such an implementation yourself
  • In general, the price for such a large-scale change and implementation is expensive, and its not clear existing platforms really solve all the problems


Get a demo presentation of Unitify → Evaluate how everything works and discuss throughout your team(s), find out if it suits them → Implement and test the system in 1 -5 buildings → distribute it throughout your portfolio or buildings.


Most Property management companies are utilizing inefficient systems and process, while not learning and accumulating the correct data to make improvements. We want to automate, and increase efficiency / reduce costs and let management to then focus on  crucial aspect of satisfaction of the residents.

3 good reasons to choose Unitify

Reduce costs

You will switch to automatic processes, which means you will reduce staff and office costs.

Improve the quality of service

In the online service, it is faster to process applications and it is more convenient to control contractors.

Modernize Approach

The buildings have a single database, so paper records are no longer needed.

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