Home Owner Association

Home Owner Association

Chairman in Home Owner Association for 35,000 m2

Customer Info

We consistently have a lot of work in the building, they take up a lot of time, and the urgency and lack of an optimized makes us spend more than we would like. The work and processes are recorded on paper or spreadsheets. We work with 1-2 contractors but often there time isn’t optimized and they don’t have the full expertise across jobs

We need some kind of unified accounting system so that nothing gets lost and can be customized to fit our needs. And we would also like a single platform for organizational issues (legal, accounting, IT).


  • There is no money, expertise and strength to implement some kind of new IT systems.
  • Residents want a lot, but they don’t want to pay a lot.


Find out what Unitify has → Study the service and see if it will help us → Get a demo presentation → Present the solution to residents → get consent for implementation (it’s free!) → start using the system and turnkey organizational services (business support , job tracking, resident feedback, meetings).


When there is a mess in the affairs of the Home Owner Association, I want some kind of unified system for accounting/voting/monitoring and a single platform for organizational issues, so as not to drown in communication with multiple companies and systems. Also to collect store and interpret the data all in one location.

3 good reasons to choose Unitify

Reduce costs

You will switch to automatic processes, which means you will reduce staff and office costs.

Improve the quality of service

In the online service, it is faster to process applications and it is more convenient to control contractors.

Modernize Approach

The buildings have a single database, so paper records are no longer needed.

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