Admin Hub

Admin Hub

A complete database of properties, an application processing system, a digital house plan, resident notification and payment processing.

For Property Management Companies and Home Owner Associations

We can help you to promote your growth while taking your business to the next level. The aim is to remove the stress associated with property management and make it easy for maximum productivity.

Management and handling of requests

Keep records of requests, assign them to individuals and check that they are done on time

Classification of requests

Allows you to keep track of requests, respond quicker and understand the specifics of each house or neighbourhood

Working with performers and statuses

Assign performers to requests and keep track of the status of work on the request

Quality Satisfaction Index

Monitor residents’ NPS and address mistakes and bottlenecks in the management organisation

Reporting on requests and their execution

Receive data from residents’ meters and automatically generate receipts

Collecting, processing and accounting for payments

Keep track of all payments in a single system, study statistics and analyse payment collection rates

Collecting, processing and accounting for payments

Keep track of all payments in a single system, study statistics and analyse payment collection rates

Acquiring and offloading from billing systems

An elementary method of online payment will increase control and collection

Convenient splitting of residents’ bills

No problem splitting receipts and bills between several owners

Payment collection reports

Examine the overall picture of payment collection, individual items of income and improve profitability

Sending receipts

All charges by flat are uploaded to the resident app

Register of full-time and external staff

Maintain personnel records and grant different levels of access with a flexible system

Register of full-time and external staff

Organisational information and documents on any staff member are available at any time

Flexible access system

Give employees and contractors access to different levels of information

Register of residents in the building

Resident information and extracts from the Registry Office for flats in a couple of clicks

All resident information in one place

Any data, documents on residents are available online in a single system

History of applications and work with a resident

The platform keeps a history of working with the resident online

Quick notification system

Send Push messages. Residents will receive messages in the app

Digital home plan as a checkerboard

Allows you to visualise tasks around the house with deadlines and responsible persons

A clear chess dashboard

Interactive virtual house map with entrances, flats and utilities

Task tracking

For each house or flat, you can see the tasks for the house with deadlines and performers

The interconnectedness of residents’ problems

The electronic floor plan will allow you to find all the information about the house easily and in good time

Resident information

Simply click on a flat in the plan and get all the information and history of the resident

Registry of operating facilities

Electronically enables you to find all data about the house easily and in a timely manner

Multi-object system

The system supports the maintenance of an infinite number of properties

Any level of data in 2 clicks

It is impossible to get confused – all the necessary information is conveniently divided into individual housing estates, houses and entrances.

Register of individual meters

Get data from residents’ meters and prepare receipts more quickly

Automatic data retrieval

Get monthly data from residents’ meters, without wasting time

Data history from meters

Refer to past meter readings at any time

Internal chat

An internal chat room with the managing organisation and other actors will help to communicate more quickly


Detailed reports on the fund. Analysis and control of execution of residents’ requests by types of work and types of requests. Report on the load of employees within the applications.

3 good reasons to choose Unitify

Reduce costs

You will switch to automatic processes, which means you will reduce staff and office costs.

Improve the quality of service

In the online service, it is faster to process applications and it is more convenient to control contractors.

Modernize Approach

The buildings have a single database, so paper records are no longer needed.

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