About us

We’re Unitify

The independent sottware company behind a products that make work simpler, kinder, and faster.

Our Mission

We create communities of energetic and inspired people around the living space. People who improve the world around them. People who believe that the comfort zone does not end at the apartment threshold.

Sound intriguing?

If you’re excited about our mission to rethink and reshape the future of property management, JOIN us!

Unitify proven approach

Our platform can help you connect the digital experience with the physical facilities in your buildings. Unitify provides a digital foundation that brings your IoT solutions to life. This creates excellent tenant experiences that both wow and engage.

Drive value

The higher your tenants’ satisfaction is, the longer their tenancy will be. Improving the tenant experience will improve your NOI as you reduce turnover and the vacancy rates.

Remarkable service

You matter to us. It’s that simple. No matter if it’s onboarding, support, or strategic advice.

Team Over Self

Empowering teams is key to our success. Groove employees check their egos at the door to help others achieve team goals and mutual success.


If change is constant, so is innovation. Every feature inside Unitify only get better, just like your process. When you grow, Unitify.com grow with you

3 good reasons to choose Unitify

Reduce costs

You will switch to automatic processes, which means you will reduce staff and office costs.

Improve the quality of service

In the online service, it is faster to process applications and it is more convenient to control contractors.

Modernize Approach

The buildings have a single database, so paper records are no longer needed.

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