Manage properties without issues, bureaucracy and unnecessary expenses

We are automating property management functions and services.







Property management company revenue



Estimates based on real beta testers and surveys.

Admin Hub

A complete database of properties, an application processing system, a digital house plan, resident notification and payment processing.

For Property Management Companies and Home Owner Associations

We can help you to promote your growth while taking your business to the next level. The aim is to remove the stress associated with property management and make it easy for maximum productivity.

3 good reasons to choose Unitify

Reduce costs

You will switch to automatic processes, which means you will reduce staff and office costs.

Improve the quality of service

In the online service, it is faster to process applications and it is more convenient to control contractors.

Modernize Approach

The buildings have a single database, so paper records are no longer needed.

Operations Mobile app

Receiving requests, execution and reporting, internal chat with the managing organisation and the App can work offline

For management, employees and contractors

The technician works as employee or contractor in or with the management company and fulfils requests from residents. You no longer need to personally come to the office for tasks – just go to the application.

Solution for every property type

Public Buildings

The all-in-one solution to maintaining local buildings using local contractors

Social Housing

Maintain your portfolio to industry standard and keep residents happy

Private Rental Sector

Better manage tenant requests to improve the speed and service repairs and maitenance

Resident Mobile app

Online meter reading and receipt payment, applications with decision statuses, a catalogue of services from the Property Management Company, and a clever system for accessing premises.

For residents

We help residents save time, money and provide clarity on when issues are getting addressed. This is a convenient tool for tracking the work of the Property Management Company, paying receipts and sending meter readings.

Your residents expect more than ever before

Control system for the director

A ready-made tool for full control of current affairs and the status of work in the managing organization.

Less routine for the manager

Simple processing of residents’ applications, automation of routine tasks and access to any information in 2 clicks.

Data for an accountant

Uploading the register of indicators for individual metering devices for uploading to billing

Technician-friendly processes

Application for communication and work with daily tasks of house maintenance.

Increase repair manager efficiency

Manage every repair, from raised to resolved, using our cloud-based and mobile-enabled software.

Easier for tenants

One application to resolve all issues related to interaction with the managing organization.

Implementation free of charge and fast

If you have all the data collected – the implementation will take from several hours to 1 day

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